Official Update Concerning the Formula Rowing Open on 19th June


As we are sure some of you will already know, Formula Rowing has faced a challenging week with our MD suffering a significant and serious injury.

We would like to thank you all for the support we have received, however we have made the difficult decision to announce that the Open will no longer be going ahead next weekend.

It was great meeting so many of you this weekend at Durham Regatta, and hope you have had a successful weekend of racing. We look forward to seeing you at our next event soon.

Introducing Formula Rowing

Formula Rowing brings a new and exciting race format to the rowing world by combining our telemetry and broadcasting innovations with a passion for making the racing experience more engaging for athletes and spectators. Differential braking systems fitted to every boat make possible a circuit-based format for the first time, overcoming traditional difficulties with rudder-based steering.

Our Products

The RowNET telemetry and analytics platform gives athletes and coaches access to data-driven approaches for optimising training and maximising performance. Leaving behind the mass of ad-hoc spreadsheets, RowNET provides a complete solution for capuring, storing and analysing performance and physiological data.

Infinicast offers a range of solutions for IP broadcasting, both live-stream and on-demand. Our turn-key systems require no professional knowledge to operate, and are fully set up on delivery. For more complex requirements from one-off event streams to fully fledged managed broadcast platforms, our production solutions team are on hand to tailor a system to your needs.